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318120-824008-thumbnail.jpgStelli Munnis, MA, Executive Director
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Stelli's role as the Executive Director of CalArts is to make connections and to build relationships. She is responsible for fund-raising and for helping the organization grow to stand on its own two feet, structurally and financially.

Stelli has a deep love for the arts and she is dedicated to creating a fun and positive atmosphere for contemporary writers and artists to be seen, heard, and valued. Stelli has held high-level positions in publishing and other industries. Her business success stems from an intuitive concern for people: how they think, how they feel, and how they grow. Those who work with her regard her as a kind of wayfinder, the person who surveys the terrain, explores the boundaries, and charts new territory.

Stelli was born in Managua, Nicaragua. She spent most of her life in the United States (Texas, Rhode Island, Louisiana, Florida, and now California) and she has also lived in Nicaragua and England. She has a BA in economics from the University of Florida and a MA in psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. She is the author of The Kali Guide: A Directory of Resources for Women.

/thisisnow/318120_809284_thumbnail.jpgJeff Munnis, MFA, Publisher & Managing Editor
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As Publisher and Managing Editor, Jeff is responsible for selecting the writers CalArts publishes and for devising the programs for artists and writers.

Jeff thrives on bringing different perspectives together in dialogue through literature and art. His interests are in publishing contemporary poets and writers, in expanding Latin American and Hispanic literature in translation, exploring the connections between mysticism, psychology, and poetry, and in expanding the dialogue between artists and scholars. CalArts grew out of his desire to create a unique community of writers and scholars willing to explore new ideas in publishing and education, combining elements of prior literary traditions with new and emerging ideas.

Jeff grew up in Titusville, Florida next to the Indian River. He is a graduate of the University of Florida (BS) and Goddard College (MFA) in Vermont.


318120-832207-thumbnail.jpgJessica Duttlinger, Director, Design & Production

Jessica is the Director of Design and Production and one of the founders of the CalArts. She holds a BFA from the University of Illinois and has been working as a graphic designer in the magazine and book publishing world for over a decade. Jessica is the designer of the Institute's poetry journal, Black Zinnias, as well as the designer of the books the Institute produces.

Jessica first met Jeff, the Publisher and Managing Editor of CalArts, by chance, when he came in to speak to the publisher of the company where she was working at the time. She overheard him mention his plans of starting a literary magazine and, having an interest in such a venture herself, copied down his e-mail on the sly. She sent him a note, and her role in the organization grew from there.

Believing that everything happens for a reason, Jessica considers herself very fortunate to be part of the talented team of people who make up CalArts. She admires and believes in each of the group's members and is proud to share in their common vision.

Jessica lives in the Berkeley hills with her fiancé
, Todd, and their cat, Curtis. She rarely gets enough sleep, but she always wakes up happy.

318120-827605-thumbnail.jpgMark Yoslow, Ph.D., Art Editor

Mark was introduced to Jeff by Stelli when he was in the doctoral program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He and Jeff formed an immediate friendship as they share a deep appreciation for good writing. He is honored that Jeff and Stelli involved him in every aspect of the first issue of Black Zinnias, for which he secured use of the paintings of Michael Madzo and reviewed poetry for inclusion. He had a great time choosing the prints from Lyons Ltd. for the second issue. One of his favorite experiences is working with Jessica as he deeply appreciates her design sense and her intuitive ability to pair art and written work.

Mark is one of the founders and is Art Editor for CalArts, and enjoys contributing to the review and critique of the work for the organization. He is also an Associate Content Editor and Contributor to Black Zinnias, and looks forward to having more time to get more involved with the organization, and to securing authors and artists for future projects now that his doctoral studies are complete.

Mark holds a BA in Classics and Prehistory from the John V. Walsh Honors Seminar at Pace University in New York, an MA in the History and Philosophy of Education from New York University, an MA in Psychology from ITP, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from ITP. He has worked in the fields of advertising, marketing, and professional writing for 30 years; his last positions were Executive Producer for Studio FX in San Jose and Chief Creative Officer for the Ideas Group in San Francisco. A writer in science and medicine, he is the author of books on brain hemorrhage and addiction, and the editor of books on skin cancer and AIDS. He is the author of Drugs in the Body: Effects of Abuse (Franklin/Watts) for teens.

Mark and his wife Robyn live in Los Gatos, CA in a house owned by Miss Abbie, a feral cat who adopted them years ago because they offered her warm food, and she decided that living with stupid humans was better than being out in the rain and cold nights.


318120-819888-thumbnail.jpgJennifer Dombek, Assistant Editor







Tracy Plutta, Assistant Editor