Submission Guidelines

Coimbra Editions

For new book proposals: As a first step, please send us a letter of inquiry that describes:

  1. The subject of your book.
  2. Place the book in the appropriate context of current research, analysis, or similar framework.
  3. The approach you have taken.
  4. The intended audience (academia, students, general public, specialists or professionals). If the book is appropriate for use as a textbook, please provide a description of the kinds of courses and level (undergraduate, graduate).
  5. Your background and a history of your relationship to the topic.

Include your current curriculum vitae (for all authors listed), an outline or table of contents, and a sample chapter. Do not to send the complete manuscript until requested. Please do not contact us unless you are within six months of completing the manuscript. Provide an estimate of the final length of the manuscript (# of words) and the number of illustrations, graphs, or tables included in the manuscript. Describe any illustrations (e.g., black-and-white photographs, maps, line drawings).

For new editions of previously published books: Please send a letter of inquiry and a copy of the latest available edition of the book. The letter should include a summary of proposed revisions, updates, or changes.

The cost of copying materials is usually less than the cost of return postage and we prefer to re-cycle materials (other than books), however, any materials to be returned must include return packaging and sufficient postage.

Submit your inquiry directly to:

Coimbra Editions
PO Box 470746
San Francisco, CA 94147   

All proposals must be submitted via mail. The editor will respond to your inquiry within four weeks. If your project seems appropriate for our list, we will invite submission of the manuscript.