BZ-logo.gifBlack Zinnias is an annual journal featuring poetry, stories, essays, reviews, and fine art. Black Zinnias is unique in that we select only one artist per issue and feature many samples of their work throughout the publication.

Subscriptions to Black Zinnias can be made by sending a $19.95 (next issue), $34.95 (next 2 issues), or $52.95 (next 3 issues) check or money order, payable to the California Institute of Arts and Letters. Subscribers receive free shipping. Mail payment to: Black Zinnias Subscriptions, P.O. Box 470746, San Francisco, CA 94147.

  • Black Zinnias No. 3

    The third issue of the journal will be published this fall and will feature the Argentine poet, Hugo Mujica, photography by Kristin Satzman and Maria Antelman, plus additional poetry, essays, and written work.
  • Black Zinnias No. 2

    Featuring an interview with Antjie Krog, journalist and award-winning poet from South Africa.
  • Black Zinnias No. 1

    Featuring an interview with Peter Kingsley, classics scholar and author of Ancient Philosophy, Mystery and Magic (Oxford University Press, 1995,) In The Dark Places of Wisdom (The Golden Sufi Center, 1999,) and Reality (The Golden Sufi Center, 2003).