Frequently we will examine new publications of interest to the editors and related to the mission of California Institute of Arts and Letters. Frequently the author or editor of the reviewed work will be interviewed and the content of the interview published online with the review. Our interests are wide ranging in the humanities and arts. We do not accept submissions, but from time to time we will invite a reviewer to examine and comment on a book selected by the editors. We welcome the response of writers to our reviews and if we consider them appropriate we will publish ammendments or explanations with reviews. Our intention is to be informative and critical in a constructive way. We will tend to review work we like or expect to view positively. This will not prevent us from commenting on what we believe is inappropriate or poorly executed.

Forthcoming reviews of scholarly work:
Poetry and Pedagogy: The Challenge of the Contemporary edited by Joan Retallack and Juliana Spahr 

Reviews of poetry:
Apropos of Nothing by Richard Jones 

Address for Submitting Publications to Online Reviews:
California Institute of Arts and Letters
Attn: Editor-Online Reviews
3057 Sacramento St. #18
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