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California Institute of Arts and Letters is a 501(c)3 organization. It is through your generous donations that we are able to fund our organization. We appreciate all levels of giving and we thank you in advance for including us in your charitable plans. To make a gift in the form of stock or physical asset, please contact Stelli Munnis, Executive Director, at 415-563-1816 or e-mail her at To learn more about planned giving, click here. All gifts are tax deductible. Click here to download a copy of our IRS Determination Letter.

Please mail checks (payable to California Institute of Arts and Letters) to: P.O. Box 470746, San Francisco, CA 94147. To make a donation online, please click on the link below. Thank you!


2007 Giving Campaign

Our 2007 Giving Campaign is currently underway. We would like to thank the following individuals and corporations for their generous contributions to our organization:

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Ben Campen Sr.
  • Gary Dounson & Associates, Inc.
  • Suzanne George
  • Elsa Guevara
  • George & Susanne Hicks
  • Ronee & Ronald Jacobson
  • Iris and Harvey Maahs
  • Maria & Peter Stevenson

Goals for the immediate future:

  • Full time salary for Executive Director
  • Part time salary for Administrator
  • Location for offices and for programs (poetry readings, award dinners, social get-togethers, networking, programs and classes for writers, scholar exchange programs, etc.)
  • Endowment to ensure the future health of the organization
  • Funds for book publishing, awards, grants, and scholarships
  • Funds for special programs (scholar exchange, first film contests, etc.)

Projects in our pipeline:

  • the third issue of the Black Zinnias journal
  • Black Zinnias First Book Award, which includes a cash prize, publication of winning manuscript, and publication of a selection of poems in the Black Zinnias Journal
  • Mallarmé’s Prose Poems, by Robert G. Cohn
  • Judeo-Christian Voices: An anthology of writers inspired by the stories and traditions of Judaism and Christianity, edited by Jeff Munnis, with selections by Robert G. Cohn, Gerald Gillespie, Réne Girard, and others
  • The Dazzling Land, by Brigitte Byrd
  • Bed of Want, by Carine Topal
  • In a City You Will Never Visit, by Young Smith
  • The Selected Poems of Hugo Mujica, translated by Joan Lindgren
  • The Image of the Swan in French Literature, by Valentina Cohn
  • The Orange and Blue Drive-In, by Jeff Munnis
  • new editions of Robert G. Cohn's four major works in French literature on Mallarmé (we are currently negotiating with the previous publishers)
  • Meditations, by Robert G. Cohn