Black Zinnias No. 2











$19.95 - Full color, 6"x9", glossy stock publication


  • Antjie Krog Interviewed by Wynn Yarbrough:
    What Our Truths Can Tell Us
  • Antique Print Art from Lyons, Ltd.
  • Dana Lyons Interviewed by Mark Yoslow:
    Art, Antique Prints and History 


  • Antjie Krog
  • Kathleen Lynch
  • Brigitte Byrd
  • Rick Bursky
  • David Tucker
  • Ken Weisner
  • William Bento
  • Gaylord Brewer 


  • Evidence of the Undefinable by Jeff Munnis
  • Mallarmé's Unheard Voice by Robert G. Cohn

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