Black Zinnias No. 1










$7 - Full color, 11”x13.5” tabloid, newspaper format


  • The Discomfort of Wisdom: Peter Kingsley Interviewed by Jeff Munnis
  • Vallejo's Politics in the 21st Century by George Lambie
  • Art by Michael Madzo

Poetry by:

  • Joanna Catherine Scott
  • Jon Tribble
  • Barbara DeCesare
  • Johnson Cheu
  • Gaylord Brewer
  • Nora Iuga
  • Shira Dentz
  • Alan Semerdjian
  • Jeanette Delmar

Short Stories:

  • The Virgin in the Tree by James Fadiman
  • Rock, River, Salmon, Sky by Janet Goldberg
  • Small Airs by Jordan Hartt


  • Michael Madzo with Mark Yoslow
  • Nikki Giovanni with Wynn Yarbrough
  • Thomas Lux with Wynn Yarbrough

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