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Coimbra Editions, the scholarly publishing imprint for CalArts, is named after Coimbra, Portugal, site of one of the oldest universities in the world. The mission of Coimbra Editions is to publish scholarly books in the humanities with an emphasis on literature and art. We consider new book proposals as well as newly revised editions of books currently out of print. Please check our submission guidelines for more information.



Mallarmé's Prose Poems by Robert G. Cohn - a critical study of Mallarmé's prose poems, a crucial but neglected aspect of his oeuvre. These texts represent a vital stage in Mallarmé's evolution as a poet, and exerted a deep influence on a range of twentieth-century artists. The author, an internationally distinguished Mallarmé scholar, discusses each poem in the order of its composition and develops his own striking critical interpretation of the sequence as a whole. In each case the full text and an English translation are provided.

Judeo-Christian Voices: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose - An anthology of writers inspired by the stories and traditions of Judaism and Christianity. The themes and issues developed in these texts engage all aspects of the human situation: truth, faith, beauty, ethics, politics, science, theology, philosophy, good and evil. Chosen by prominent scholars and writers like Rene Girard, Gerald Gillespie, and Robert G. Cohn, the selections for this volume give a comprehensive, in depth introduction and survey of important and admired writers such as: Dante, Goethe, Rilke, Mallarmé, George Eliot, Disraeli, Gerard Manly Hopkins, Isaac Bashevis Singer, T. S. Eliot, and Albert Camus.